A Dynamic Method for Boundary Conditions in Lattice Boltzmann method

  • 발행 : 2007.05.30


It has been confirmed that implementation of the no-slip boundary conditions for the lattice-Boltzmann method play an important role in the overall accuracy of the numerical solutions as well as the stability of the solution procedure. We in this paper propose a new algorithm, i.e. the method of the dynamic boundary condition for no-slip boundary condition. The distribution functions on the wall along each of the links across the physical boundary are assumed to be composed of equilibrium and nonequilibrium parts which inherit the idea of Guo's extrapolation method. In the proposed algorithm, we apply a dynamic equation to reflect the computational slip velocity error occurred on the actual wall boundary to the correction; the calculated slip velocity error dynamically corrects the fictitious velocity on the wall nodes which are subsequently employed to the computation of equilibrium distribution functions on the wall nodes. Along with the dynamic selfcorrecting process, the calculation efficiently approaches the steady state. Numerical results show that the dynamic boundary method is featured with high accuracy and simplicity.