Mechanical Properties of CVD Diamond

  • Yoshikawa, Masanori (Department of Precision Machinery Systems, Tokyo Institute of Technology) ;
  • Hirata, Atsushi (Department of Control and Systems Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Published : 1996.12.01


This paper focuses the strength and wear resistance of CVD diamond films. The strength of free-standing CVD diamond films synthesized by microwave plasm CVD, DC plasma CVD, RF plasma CVD and arc discharge plasma jet CVD has been measured by three-point bending test. The wear resistance of CVD diamod films has been evaluated by the pin-on-disk type testing. diamond films coated on the base of sintered tungsten carbide pin by hot filament CVD have been rubbed with a sintered diamond disk in muddy water. Volume removed wear of CVD diamond has been compared with stellite, WC alloy and bearing steel.



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