Variable Speed Drives of Induction Motor for Traction Application with Modified Sliding Mode Control

  • Published : 2001.03.01


In this paper it is proposed an advanced modified sliding mode control of a rotor field oriented control of induction motor. The application of this unconventional control has very good results, such as disturbance rejection and nice dynamic properties. Stability can be guaranteed even in the worst situation. A conventional "sliding mode" controller is characterised by fast switching control signal, which causes the chattering of the drive system. To overcome this problem, a modified law is used, by introducing a hysteresis band and a continuous control, which modifies the conventional law. The control is accomplished with dual TMS320C44 floating-point digital signal processor. The validity of the proposed method was verified by experiment on the propulsion system simulator, used for the development of Korean High-Speed Railway Train(KHSRT).in(KHSRT).