300 mm 웨이퍼 위의 에어로졸 나노 입자의 증착 장비 개발을 위한 수치 해석적 연구

Numerical Simulation of Deposition Chamber for Aerosol Nanoparticles Upward 300 mm Wafer

  • 발행 : 2005.03.01


The nanoparticle deposition chamber, which is used for quantum dot semiconductor memory applications, is designed by means of numerical simulation. In this research, the numerical simulations for deposition chamber were performed by commercial software, FLUENT. The deposition of nanoparticles is calculated by diffusion force, thermophoresis and electrophoresis of particles. As a results, when the diffusion force was considered, the most of particles deposited in the wall of deposition chamber. But as considering thermophoresis and electrophoresis of particles, the particles were deposited wafer surface, perfectly.