$SiO_2$막의 습식식각 방법별 균일도 비교

Comparison of Etching Rate Uniformity of $SiO_2$ Film Using Various Wet Etching Method

  • 발행 : 2006.06.30


Wet etching process in recent semiconductor manufacturing is devided into batch and single wafer type. Batch type wet etching process provides more throughput with poor etching uniformity compared to single wafer type process. Single wafer process achieves better etching uniformity by boom-swing injected chemical on rotating wafer. In this study, etching characteristics of $SiO_2$ layer at room and elevated temperature is evaluated and compared. The difference in etching rate and uniformity of each condition is identified, and the temperature profile of injected chemical is theoretically calculated and compared to that of experimental result. Better etching uniformity is observed with single wafer tool with boom-swing injection compared to single wafer process without boom-swing or batch type tool.