Implementation of 880Mbps ATE Pin Driver using General Logic Driver

범용 로직 드라이버를 이용한 880Mbps ATE 핀 드라이버 구현

  • Published : 2006.03.01


The ATE driver to test a high speed semiconductor chip is designed by using general logic drivers instead of dedicated pin drivers. We have proposed a structure of general logic drivers using FPCA and assured its correct operation by EDA tool simulation. PCB circuit was implemented and Altera FPGA chip was programmed using DDR I/O library. On the PCB, it is necessary to place two resistors connected output drivers near to the output pin to adjust an impedance matching. We confirmed that the measured results agree with the simulated values within 5% errors at room temperature for the input signals with 800Mbps data transfer rate and 1.8V operating voltage.