Development and Performance Test of In-situ Particle Monitoring System using Ion-counter in Vacuum Environments

진공 환경내 실시간 입자 모니터링 시스템의 개발 및 성능평가

  • Ahn Kang-Ho (Mechanical Engineering of Hanyang University) ;
  • Kim Yong-Min (Hyundai Calibration & Certification Technologies, R&D Center) ;
  • Kwon Yong-Taek (Hyundai Calibration & Certification Technologies, R&D Center)
  • 안강호 (한양대학교 기계공학과) ;
  • 김용민 (현대교정인증기술원 R&D center) ;
  • 권용택 (현대교정인증기술원 R&D center)
  • Published : 2006.03.01


In this paper, a new method that monitors the quantity of particles using ion-counter in vacuum environment is introduced. In-situ particle monitoring (ISPM) system is composed by Gerdien type ion-counter (house-made), DC power supply and electrometer. The ion-counter applied by positive voltage detects only positive charged particles. Therefore the particles to be detected should be in known charge state for further data analysis. ion-counter is installed at the exhaust line of process equipment where the pressure loss is structurally low. ISPM system performance has been verified with SMPS (Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer) system. The correlation coefficient is above 0.98 at the particle size range of $20{\sim}300nm$ in diameter with identified charge distribution under $0.1{\sim}10.0$ Torr.