Obstacle Negotiation for the Rescue Robot with Variable Single-Tracked Mechanism

가변트랙형 메커니즘의 재난구조 로봇(VSTR)을 위한 장애물 극복

  • 최근하 (KAIST 기계항공시스템학부 기계공학) ;
  • 정해관 (KAIST 기계항공시스템학부 기계공학) ;
  • 현경학 (KAIST 기계항공시스템학부 기계공학) ;
  • 곽윤근 (한국과학기술원 기계항공시스템학부)
  • Published : 2007.12.01


In this paper, we propose a new obstacle negotiation method for the rescue robot. The rescue robot has a variable geometry single-tracked mechanism, so it can maximize a contact length with ground for the adaptability to off-road and pursue a stable system due to the lower center of gravity. In this research, we add the basis of autonomous navigation, driving mode control based on obstacle detection, to the robot to realize automation of mode transformation. Obstacle detection using PSD(Position Sensitive Device) infrared sensors gives active transformation of the track shape. Finally, experimental results about mentioned are presented.



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