Development of ultra precision rotational stage using Semi-inchworm driving mechanism with PZT

PZT를 이용한 Semi-inchworm구동기법의 초정밀 회전 스테이지 개발

  • Published : 2007.03.31


Recently PZT is used in ultra precision mechanism field. PZT has a small motion range although it has a high resolution. Many methods, such as inchworm, impact driving, etc., have been applied for the expansion of the motion range.? In this study, the new actuating mechanism for rotational motion with two PZT actuators is proposed. The ultra precision rotational actuator which is made by proposed mechanism is able to operate both coarse and fine motion. The design parameters of the proposed mechanism are considered to improve the performance of the system. The rotational stage which is applied by the proposed mechanism is fabricated. The resolution and velocity for fabricated rotational stage are measured by laser interferometer.