Numerical Study on the Air-Cushion Unit for Transportation of Large-Sized Glass Plate

  • Jun, Hyun-Joo (R&D Center, AVACO) ;
  • Kim, Kwang-Sun (Dept. Mechatronics, Korea University of Technology and Education) ;
  • Im, Ik-Tae (Dept. Automotive Engineering, Iksan National College)
  • 발행 : 2007.03.31


Non-contact transportation of a large-sized glass plate using air cushion for the vertical sputtering system of liquid crystal display (LCD) panel was considered. The objective of the study was to design an air pad unit which was composed of multiple injection and exhaust holes and mass flow supplying pipe. The gas was injected through multiple small holes to maintain the force for levitating glass plate. After hitting the plate, the air was vented through exhaust holes. Complex flow field and resulting pressure distribution on the glass surface were numerically studied to design the air injection pad. The exhaust hole size was varied to obtain evenly distributed pressure distribution at fixed diameter of the injection hole. Considering the force for levitating glass plate, the diameter of the exhaust hole of 30 to 40 times of the gas injection hole was recommended.