Two Step Surface Texturing of Silicon Wafers using Micro Blaster

마이크로 블라스터를 이용한 실리콘 웨이퍼의 2단계 표면 텍스쳐링

  • 조찬섭 (경북대학교 산업전자전기공학부) ;
  • 정상훈 (경북대학교 대학원 전자전기컴퓨터학부)
  • Received : 2010.06.24
  • Accepted : 2010.07.31
  • Published : 2010.09.30


Recently, the important issues of solar cell are low cost and high efficiency. Making low cost and high efficiency solar cell, there are many effects to development of inexpensive wafer, simplify process and improve optical, electrical properties. In this the study, the 2 step texturing method using micro blaster was developed to decrease reflection of incident lights. Air bridge electrode structure is suggested to expand the effective surface area and decrease the series resistance of finger electrode. The effects of 1 step texturing and 2 step texturing by micro blaster are compared. Reflectance of 1 step and 2 step texturing are measured 28.7% and 25.5%, respectively. The reflectance of 2 step texturing sample is lower about 3.2% than 1 step textured sample.



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