Multi-resolution Pyramid based Image Identification

다중 해상도 피라미드 기반 영상 인식자

  • Park, Je-Ho (Dankook University, Dept. of Software Science)
  • 박제호 (단국대 소프트웨어학과)
  • Received : 2020.01.31
  • Accepted : 2020.03.18
  • Published : 2020.03.31


Unlike modern photography technology, in the early days, efforts to physically compose an image with a concept similar to the current photograph have not been popular or commercially successful. The limitation of the use of images as artistic media or recordings has reached the stage of introducing the technology of image analysis to automate the function that humans recognize and judge through vision. In addition, the accuracy of the image has exceeded the human visual ability, enabling the technology that enables the step of recognizing and informing the fact that the human is not aware of it. Based on such a base, the range that can be applied through the image data in the future era can be said to be unpredictable, and the technology that targets large scale image database instead of an image is also expanding the possibilities as a new application technology. In order to identify a particular image from a massive database, different methodologies have been introduced. In this paper, we discuss image identifier production methods based on multi-resolution pyramid.



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